• Understanding the Cervical Spine

    If you seek chiropractic care in Phoenix for neck injury treatment, such as treatment of a whiplash injury, then it can help to understand the anatomy of your cervical spine. Your chiropractor can explain how he or she plans to make adjustments to your cervical spine to reduce your symptoms. This video will also help […]

  • Symptoms That Mean You Should See a Chiropractor Following an Auto Accident

    If you have been involved in an auto accident, it is always a good idea to get evaluated by a chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ, even if you feel fine, because symptoms may not occur immediately. For instant, a whiplash injury may not cause neck pain until days after the accident but can be diagnosed by […]

  • Accident Chiropractors Serves Auto Injury Patients Throughout Arizona

    If you suffer an auto accident injury in Phoenix or beyond, make an appointment at your closest location of Accident Chiropractors for treatment. With 44 chiropractic treatment centers throughout Arizona, you are sure to find a convenient location at which to get care from our pain management doctors. There no out-of-pocket costs or health insurance […]

  • What to Expect When You Visit a Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment

    Whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries. It occurs when the neck is thrown forwards and backward in quick succession as the result of a collision. When this happens, muscles and ligaments in the neck can be injured and the cervical spine can become misaligned. Chiropractic care can treat whiplash injuries without […]

  • Why Waiting for Treatment Isn’t an Option When You Have Whiplash

    If you’ve developed the symptoms of a whiplash injury , it’s essential to seek chiropractic treatment in Phoenix right away. Promptly scheduling a chiropractor appointment is critical for your recovery and long-term wellness. This is because there is an increased risk that you may develop chronic symptoms if you wait before seeking care. These symptoms […]

  • How We Can Help Spanish-Speaking Accident Victims

    When it comes to your health and medical care, seeking treatment from a provider that speaks your language can be critical. Are you Spanish-speaking and in need of neck or back pain relief in Phoenix following a car accident? If so, then Accident Chiropractors can help. The doctors at our practice offer experienced and compassionate […]

  • How We Can Help You Save Money on Chiropractic Care

    With 44 convenient locations throughout Arizona, Accident Chiropractors is dedicated to helping victims of auto accidents recover and move forward. We firmly believe that people who require chiropractic therapy near Phoenix deserve to receive it with no out-of-pocket costs. Whether you’ve sustained a painful whiplash injury or another type of auto accident injury, you can […]

  • Accident Chiropractors: Putting Patients First

    Both minor and major car accidents can put significant strain on your back and neck. If you have been in an accident and are considering chiropractic treatment to find neck or back pain relief serving Phoenix, it is important to realize that not all chiropractors specialize in accident injuries. When you choose Accident Chiropractors , […]

  • How is Whiplash Diagnosed?

    If you have developed whiplash symptoms and you live near Phoenix, it’s time to make an appointment with an auto injury chiropractor. At your chiropractor appointment, you’ll be asked about the cause of your symptoms and the types of symptoms you’re experiencing. Typically, whiplash is indicated by neck pain , stiffness, and loss of range […]

  • Caring for a Neck Injury After a Car Accident

    The neck is a particularly delicate and complex structure that is highly susceptible to damage from a car accident, which is why whiplash injuries are incredibly common among car crash victims. In the aftermath of a crash, making a chiropractor appointment in the Phoenix area is a wise decision. An auto injury chiropractor can evaluate […]