• How Chiropractic Care Can Help You

    In the wake of a car crash, survivors must handle many pressing concerns. They may have had to take a trip to the emergency department and they have calls to make regarding their car insurance and replacement vehicles. But in the midst of these necessary tasks, it’s important to set aside some time for one’s […]

  • What Can You Do at Home to Ease Pinched Nerve Pain?

    Are you looking for lower back pain relief and live near Phoenix? Make a chiropractor appointment today. A car accident chiropractor may determine that the cause of your symptoms is a pinched nerve, which refers to the compression of a spinal nerve . Even slight compression of a nerve can result in severe symptoms. Chiropractic […]

  • A Look at Common Back Injuries Caused by Auto Accidents

    The human body is incredibly fragile and prone to injury when introduced to the force of impact of a car accident. This is especially true of the delicate spine. Although high-speed crashes are certainly more dangerous, even a low-speed car accident can result in considerable pain and other symptoms. If you’ve been involved in a […]

  • A Look at the Timeline for the Onset of Whiplash Symptoms

    If you’ve been involved in a car accident in the Phoenix area, you may develop whiplash symptoms. A whiplash injury is among the most common types of car accident injuries, but the symptoms often don’t develop immediately after the crash. Because of the potential for the delayed onset of whiplash symptoms, many people make the […]