• Tips for Managing Back Pain after an Auto Accident

    After an auto accident, back pain is extremely common. This is because the impact of a crash often forces the back to hyperextend in both directions in quick succession, causing injury. With the help of a chiropractor, back pain from auto accidents can often be controlled and eventually healed. If you’re suffering from back pain […]

  • Why You Should See a Chiropractor After an Auto Accident

    After an auto accident, you probably have a lot of issues that you need to deal with right away, such as arranging for alternative transportation and contacting your insurance company. However, it’s important to make a visit to a chiropractor among your top priorities. By seeing a Phoenix chiropractor right away, you can undergo medical […]

  • The Patient’s Guide to Chiropractic Care

    Chiropractors can provide a diagnosis and treatment for a vast range of musculoskeletal problems, including those that involve the spine. Although a Phoenix chiropractor can provide an array of pain relief services, this medical profession is best known for using spinal manipulation to correct the alignment of the spine. When the spine or other joints […]

  • The Causes of Lower Back Pain

    Many people who have been involved in car wrecks must seek treatment for whiplash in Phoenix. However, accidents can also cause lower back pain. Back pain may arise due to problems involving the muscles, tendons, nerves, or joints in the back. A chiropractor may also determine that lower back pain is caused by a herniated […]

  • Common Repetitive Strain Injuries Incurred in the Workplace

    Regardless of whether a workplace injury happens suddenly in an accident or is the result of repetitive movements, it is important to consult a Phoenix chiropractor right away. For a workplace injury, it is advisable to work with a chiropractor who has experience handling workers’ compensation claims. You may need to be out of work […]