• Meet Our Founder, Dr. Dennis Goldberg

    Accident Chiropractors is a team of highly dedicated chiropractors who focus on workplace injuries and auto accident injuries. Our practice was founded by Dennis Goldberg, D.C., MUAC. As a licensed Chiropractic Physician, Dr. Goldberg has been providing quality chiropractic care since he graduated from Columbia Chiropractic in 1975. In 1976, Dr. Goldberg set up his […]

  • The Causes and Symptoms of Whiplash

    Whiplash is a common type of injury that affects the structures in the neck. Most often the result of an auto accident, whiplash is, unfortunately, often ignored because the symptoms may not be immediately evident or they may not seem serious at first. However, the sooner you seek neck pain help in Phoenix after involvement […]

  • Whiplash: More Than Just a Pain in the Neck [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Did you know that roughly two-thirds of people involved in car accidents develop symptoms of whiplash? Whiplash can cause pain immediately, or may take as long as 48 hours to show. If you experience pain in your neck, back, or shoulders after an auto accident, you may have whiplash. Whiplash symptoms range from neck pain […]

  • Chiropractic Relief of Neck Pain

    When you visit a chiropractor because of neck pain , he or she will first evaluate the source of your discomfort, such as by asking you about your symptoms. For example, if you suffer from whiplash in Phoenix, you may have neck stiffness in addition to neck pain. The chiropractor will also perform a physical […]

  • Injured On the Job? What You Need to Know

    Chiropractors frequently see patients who have suffered from injuries sustained while on the job. Workplaces such as construction sites are particularly hazardous; however, injuries can even occur in seemingly safe offices—and any other type of workplace. If you’ve been injured on the job, don’t delay seeking help. A Phoenix chiropractor can conduct a thorough evaluation, […]